Getting help


The Notebook Aspect is built on JupyterLab. Project Jupyter’s JupyterLab documentation is the best way to learn about JupyterLab’s user interface and features. The documentation you’re reading now focuses on LSST-specific aspects of the JupyterLab application.

For more information about the LSST Science Pipelines software included in the Notebook Aspect, see the LSST Science Pipelines documentation.

LSST Community forum

Use the LSST Science Platform category on the LSST Community forum to get help from LSST staff and fellow users. You can even request new features, like preinstalled software, Python packages, and JupyterLab extensions.

Also, we’d love to learn about your work on the Notebook Aspect. Feel free to share ideas and links to your own notebooks on GitHub.


We encourage you to use the LSST Community forum as much as possible, but on occasion you might need to work directly with an LSST engineer to debug an issue in real-time. You can use the #dm-lsp Slack channel for that.