Installed software

The Notebook Aspect is preloaded with software to enable your workflows. This page lists some of the important software included in the Notebook Aspect. In addition to the software listed here, you can expect to find common software included with CentOS 7.


Because you don’t have root or sudo privileges in the Notebook Aspect, you cannot install additional software using yum install.

To request additional preinstalled software, contact us through our support channels.

Compilers and interpreters

  • devtoolset-6 (full GNU Compiler Collection, such as gcc and gfortran, and related tools).

  • java

  • Node.js and npm

  • perl

  • python (Python 3.6)

Developer tools and utilities

  • ack

  • cmake

  • curl

  • git

  • git-lfs

  • grep

  • hub

  • make

  • rsync

  • sftp

  • ssh

  • sqlite3

  • tree

Editors and terminal

  • emacs

  • screen

  • tmux

  • vim

Documentation and writing

  • pandoc

  • texlive, including pdflatex, xetex, and bibtex